In Angoulême, more than 1,300 students benefit from a unique environment that fosters creativity, exchange, research and innovation. Future professionals receive training in all fields, thus contributing to a vibrant ecosystem.

Rich, varied and high-quality teaching has made Magelis one of Europe’s leading centres in image training. Located in a luscious green environment on the banks of the River Charente and in the heart of the image district, the campus boasts a 250-seat amphitheatre, cutting-edge IT, a university canteen and much more. 

# Training programmes at the Image campus

Some thirty training programmes, from preparatory class to doctorate
L’Atelier (workshop): preparatory / 2D animation / freelance author-illustrator.
L’École Nationale du Jeu et des Médias Interactifs (CNAM-ENJMIN) [Games and interactive media]
L’École Européenne Supérieure de l’Image (EESI) [Image].
L’École des métiers du cinéma d’animation (EMCA) [Animated film].
Le Centre Européen des Produits de l’Enfant (CEPE) [Products for children].
Objectif 3D: higher school for 3D & computer-generated imaging.
• CREADOC: documentary film creation.
Human Academy: Japanese school of manga, animation & video games.
Lycée de l’Image et du Son (LISA) [Secondary school for sound & image]
L’école d’Art de GrandAngoulême.[Art school]
Conservatoire Gabriel Fauré d’Angoulême – University diploma in sound creation and electro-acoustics – Poitiers University
Angoulême IUT (University Institute of Technology) – Multimedia and Internet Department (Poitiers University).

For more information: magelis.org