• 5,700 students for the 2018-2019 academic year (excluding vocational training) i.e. + 22% in 10 years
  • 30 sites/training institutions in the region
  • 150 training programmes
  • 60 undergraduate vocational training programmes

# Higher education in Charente

The Charente region offers a range of high-level training programmes, specialised in the sectors of the future, in the fields of image, engineering, industry services, sport, health, law and packaging for spirits…in close collaboration with the region’s economic players. The region also offers good accommodation and a convivial lifestyle. Charente is a great place to study!

# Image Campus

- 30 training programmes from preparatory level to PhD

- 12/schools/programmes

- Research teams

# Mecatronics - Industry

- 29 programmes from 2 to 8 years’ post-secondary education
- Research teams

# Packaging

- Programmes from 3 to 5 years’ post-secondary education

# Agriculture - Cognac and Spirits

- 13 programmes from 2 to 5 years’ post-secondary education

# Medicine, health care & sports

- PACES (introductory year for medicine)

- Nursing/Care Assistant schools

- Professional degrees
- STAPS (sports)/DEUST (science & technology) degrees

# Business science

- 13 programmes from 2 to 5 years’ post-secondary education
- 3 areas: accounting + management, business development, HR management

# CPGE (Higher school preparatory class) – Teacher training

- 2nd year Literature/ Humanities
- 1st year Literature/Humanities
- ESPE (University Institute for Teacher Training): Master ½

# Aeronautics

In April 2019, the new Airbus Flight Academy opened on the premises of Angoulême airport. This school trains civil and military pilots. The programme on offer is the ‘AIRBUS Pilot Cadet Training Program’, and provides international standard cadet training for aircraft pilots. Le programme de formation dispensé est celui de « l’AIRBUS Pilot Cadet Training Program » destiné à former des cadets dans un standard mondial de formation au pilotage d’avion.