3 laboratories from Poitiers University at the Angoulême IUT technical institute and the Centre Européen des Produits de l’Enfant: [European Centre for Children’s Products]

  • Institut PPRIME: operation of lubricated mechanisms (gearboxes, rods, etc.) & new processes for the electrostatic separation of materials
  • Institut XLIM: advanced electronics for radio communication=> study and design of innovative integrated circuits, recharge of wireless sensors and energy optimisation of transmitters
  • CEREGE (Management Research Centre): market strategies and consumer culture

4 research projects in the image, digital and applications of the future sectors:

  • CNAM-ENJMIN – Interactive Media and Mobility team from CEDRIC (Paris): Game design, interactive sound design, serious games and adaptive games
  • EI.CESI: development of research around the city of the future and the company of the future
  • EESI: doctorate in Graphic Novel Design (in association with Poitiers University since 2017), the only programme of its kind in Europe.
  • Research Cooperation in ‘Digital Creation, Image and Interaction’ (in partnership with Poitiers University, CNRS, EESI,  and CNAM)


Businesses with projects can call on the expertise of training centres and organisations such as:

  • EFEC (Training centre for eco-design) at the IUT d’Angoulême Materials, acoustics, prototyping, LCA, standardisation, management, product end-of-life management, etc.
  • LE FABRICC at the CEPE: multi-disciplinary platform to support CCI stakeholders
  • Lycée Charles Coulomb: 3D design, prototyping & maintenance
  • ENJMIN: video games and interactive digital media 
  • Pôle d’Excellence du CESI: digital technology, energy and environmental transition
  • Lycée Jean Rostand : fashion and leather goods industries
  • Krysalide platform (March 2020) industries of the future