Angoulême and its conurbation offer outstanding quality of life for students, with affordable accommodation, efficient transport, a rich cultural and sports offer and highly-active student organisations.
Affordable living costs for students: €650/month for living expenses, transport and accommodation, compared to the French national average of €837 per month (UNEF 2018 survey).


The Grand Angoulême region boasts low property prices and a flexible market. Student organisations have also developed a solid network for flat-sharing in private accommodation, offering students access to more spacious accommodation in the conurbation. The public student accommodation offer also offers around 300 places operated by CROUS, OPH de l’Angoumois, the Chamber of Commerce & Industry and  Le Foyer.

In 2020, 80 additional housing units will be on offer in the vicinity of the University Centre in the town of La Couronne. The City of Angoulême is also leading a project to create 50 new student housing units (delivery: 2022).


The new BRT (bus rapid transport) network Möbius serves areas with schools and higher education institutions. Travel in the city is fast, easy and cheap for under 25s!

A bicycle rental service, Mobili’cycle, is also open to students in Angoulême at reduced rates.


Student life is organised around associations which bring the student unions of the region’s various campuses and schools together. Health services, sporting events, activities for new arrivals, cultural and recreational events, etc. A host of services on offer to get the most out student life in the region!

Discover the events programme for the start of the school year:


# The Student Service at the Centre Information Jeunesse – CIJ [Youth Information Centre]

The Student Service of the CIJ (Youth Information Centre) answers queries on day-to-day issues for students, such as jobs, work placement, international mobility, health, accommodation and administrative tasks.

Place du Champ de Mars, 16000 Angoulême. 
+33 (0)5 45 37 07 30

# Association SCCUC

The Sport Culture Campus Universitaire de la Charente, or SCCUC develops services for students, creates sporting and cultural events for students and coordinates and guides student unions (the SU of each institution).

# Le Pass Etudiant du GrandAngoulême

A reduced rate card distributed free of charge to all students and apprentices in higher education. Reduced rates for sports and cultural activities.

# La Student Team

The Student Team is a collective which drives the energy and the ‘student culture’ of the local community with concerts, sports events, evening events, and the day-to-day lives of students. It is also behind the Angou’Mois Etudiant, a month of festivities and events to discover the region!

# Campus en festival

Initiated by Poitiers University, Le Campus en Festival is a bold, lively and creative journey through the eclectic worlds of digital cultures. Students, student organisations and artists come together as spectators and explorers to experience a host of experiments, innovative debates and other happenings.